Little Jars Of Horror - Why Oh Why?
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We love Halloween., as well as all things horror and pop culture. A lot. And I’m thinking since you are on this website checking things out that you probably feel the same way. But why heads in a jar? Random, right? A few things sort came together perfectly to inspire Little Jars Of Horror. Due to the weird economy, I closed my children’s themed photography studio after 11 creatively rewarding years. I was looking for something else inventive to do with my fairly specific skill set. I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to do, and as any family that suddenly has a reduction in income is quick to realize, the “when” factor becomes a point of concern. Frustrated at not knowing what my next path should or even could be, I decided to throw my energy into something positive... working on props for our upcoming haunted house. Our family does an annual home haunt and we always try to come up with a new room each year. My husband and I decided to crank out our family’s heads in jars for one of the new rooms (I photograph... he Photoshops) and they turned out awesome. In fact, everyone we showed them to said that we really needed to sell them. As my friend said, “Where else can someone get their own head popped in a jar?” It was true. Where could you get something so custom and novel? I did a search online and there simply wasn’t anything like it out there being offered as a retail item.
So it looked like I found what I was looking for... a new fun & creative outlet that provided a hard to find niche service that used all the same skills as before. So my very first booth was at Scare LA to give it a try, to see if anyone might be interested. We were busy doing custom jars from the moment it opened, so it was encouraging for sure. Then I walked around Scare LA and asked some of the crazy-talented FX Make Up Artists and Prop/Mask Companies to let me photograph their creations. They were total works of art, and made for the perfect addition to the company.....allowing customers the choice between the completely one of a kind custom jars or the seriously creepy stock jars.
We have lots of new artist creations coming on board…follow our social media pages to know when each batch launches on the website.
Customers seem really thrilled we exist, and are loving the product. We hope that the business continues to take off.  We are setting our sights on getting proper retail packaging , taking them to all the Halloween shows and getting them in stores for 2017.  Maybe we will be a suck-cess story like the wretched "Elf on the Shelf".....perhaps I should rename the company  "Head in the Bed" or "Dead in the Shed" something along the likes. Thoughts on rhyming horror? Haha . 
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