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You absolutely can email your own close up hi res files to us and we can turn you into a milky eyed floater that way!
Custom jars are just $37 each!

Just follow the tips below, and email close up files of the face, back of head and each side to us at If any of the files aren’t quite what we need, don’t worry, we won’t shrug and callously send you something back that sucks, we will simply contact you back right away and tell you to retake whatever picture we need retaken. We will work with you and get you the perfect milky eyed floater. (MMMMM, milky. All you will need is a cookie to go with all that milky eyed floaty-ness)
To get started please purchase a custom jar using the PayPal button below. Use the dropdown option to select whether you'd like the Fresh Red or Fetid Green jar style. Once you have successfully purchased the jar through PayPal you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal. We will also receive a similar email. Next, email us your pictures. Please make sure you send the email from the same email address used for PayPal so we can link the payment with the custom images. Once we have what we need, we will get started on your jar and let you know when it is shipping.
Single Custom Jar
Jar Style

Tips for a successful milky eyed floater:
The important thing to remember when you get in front of the camera yourself or are pointing the camera at your friend or family member is that we need your head straight….nose pointing towards the lens. I know it is hard to do a creepy pose without moving other parts of your body in mock manifest of the monster you are trying to be, but you can’t. We have to have your head lined up straight and symmnetrical for the image to be able to be used.

The best floaters have the mouth open halfway, tongue just slightly out or lolling out to the side….eyes wide, maybe glancing to the side, up or even crossed. Just basically look dead and uh, floating. You can also give the impression you went out with more character, and go with a scared expression, crazed look or evil grimace. If the mouth is open for the front picture, then the same expression has to be matched when the side pictures are taken, so that the jaw lines up. This is all important for us in post production, as it helps us get the jawlines, cheekbones, and hairlines to line up when we are digitally stitching them together. Once we have everything pulled together, we will make your eyes opaque and milky.
Practice makes perfect, right? Go to a mirror and work on that weird expression…..its totally okay, we give you permission.
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